England: Why Does Plant Based Vegan Food Have To Be Marketed As ‚Tastes Like Steak‘ Etc ? – Vegans Are Vegans To Stop Animal Suffering – Understand This.

World Animals Voice

WAV Comment: I (Mark) have not eaten any dead animal meat for well over 33 years.  I take a vegan diet as a) I consider plant based to be very healthy; non fattening etc; and b) primarily because of my personal concerns for animal welfare issues.  In short, An animal does not die to put something on my plate.

We all have our opinions, which is great and to be encouraged; but I rather hate the fact (as below) that veggie or vegan food is often sold as ‚vegan meat‘; ‘vegan steak’, ’vegan bacon’, ‘fishless fillets’ and ‘vegan sausages’ etc.  As a vegan, I do not want to eat things that are supposed to represent in any way steak, bacon or fish.  Because of my hatred for the way animals are abused to produce the same, I simply want a plant based meal that is just that; a plant based…

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