Video At British Abattoir: Barbaric Inhumane Horse Slaughter – ANSWER: Video Erased!

Video At British Abattoir: Barbaric Inhumane Horse Slaughter


Barbaric Inhumane Horse Slaughter Video At British Abattoir


Just when I have thought I saw it all something else turns up horrific and barbaric. Horse slaughter is inhumane and should be against the law. The video I saw yesterday about horses being slaughtered at Red Lion Abattoir, in Cheshire.

How they are treating these horses destined for death is appalling and despicable. My heart stopped as I was watching the video.

Now if we stop and think about how the horses were treated inhumanely while being slaughtered at the Red Lion Abattoir, in Cheshire just think about what is happening to our horses here in the United Sates that are being shipped to Canada and Mexico.

I cannot imagine Mexico having any standard or regulations on horse slaughter. Our horses and wild horses are abused and tortured the second they enter the slaughter pipeline.

My heart breaks for these precious horses and what they endure before they die. They definitely are treated horrendous and cruel.

Revulsion over footage from British horse plant


The British Horse Society expressed its shock and revulsion at what it called sickening footage.

“The covert video released by Sky News includes scenes of a grey horse being beaten and groups of animals being stunned simultaneously, something that is completely illegal in Britain. Even more distressingly the film shows a horse apparently returning to consciousness (following stunning) whilst hanging upside down prior to be being bled out,” it said.

Chief executive Lynn Peterson said: “There are absolutely no excuses for what we have seen in this film.

“The treatment of these horses was barbaric, inhumane and frankly a downright disgrace in 21st century Britain. I know that every member of the British Horse Society will be as upset by this as I am and we must do everything we can to ensure this never happens again.

“We must praise the swift action of the Food Standards Agency in revoking the licenses of the slaughtermen involved but this cannot be the end of the matter. It is clear tighter regulation of abattoirs is required and we would support the compulsory installation of CCTV in all such premises.”



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