Little Pig Who Fell Off Truck Gets The Sweetest Welcome At Her New Home

Little Pig Who Fell Off Truck Gets The Sweetest Welcome At Her New Home


While driving along one of Canada’s busiest highways, Rob Boisvert learned the hard way to keep his eyes not only on the road — but alongside it.


Because every now and then, amid the bustle of blaring metal, he spots a runaway. Many of the trucks bound for slaughterhouses and factory farms ply that route. Boisvert, a team member of Refuge RR, often sees the results of these trucks‘ flimsy enclosures.

„Sometimes, the livestock trucks have little pieces missing out of the side or on the bottom,“ he tells The Dodo. „You’d be surprised how many animals end up falling off livestock trucks.“

Refuge RR

Once, he saw a pig whose leg was dangling so far out of the bottom of the trailer, it was nearly scraping pavement.

„We managed to get underneath the truck and push him back inside,“ he says. „He was about to have his leg ripped off.“

But every now and then, an animal makes the cleanest, happiest of breaks. Like the little pig Boisvert spotted on the side of the highway on Thursday.

Refuge RR


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