New Petition Started To Help Live (EU) Animals Suffering At Turkish Border – Please Sign And Crosspost Thank You.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


cattle in manure

Photo – EoA / AWF.

More than 5 years of evidence gathering, and presentation to the EU. 

What have they done ? – Nothing, that’s what.  Animals in transport continue to suffer the worst nightmare –

watch the video below to see what we mean.

Following on from all of our recent work and posts relating to the terrible conditions which EU animals are having to endure en route to Turkey, as filmed by Lesley and the crew at Eyes on Animals in the Netherlands –    we have now started a petition to get it stopped.  The petition link is given directly below.

Please sign and also pass on to all your contacts – we want to make an impact with this petition and make the EU Commissioners who are responsible for allowing this animal abuse to happen accountable to the citizens of Europe and the rest of…

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