Thousands of Cattle May Have Died After Livestock Carrier Capsizes Pierside in Brazil

Thousands of Cattle May Have Died After Livestock Carrier Capsizes Pierside in Brazil
Screen shot of video below
Screen shot of video below

A livestock carrier loaded with cattle turned over while tied up alongside a pier at the Port of Vila do Conde in Bacarena, Brazil, reportedly killing thousands of cattle.

According to local reports the ship, the Lebanese-flagged Haidar, had just loaded approximately 5,000 cattle and was departing for Venezuela when the ship started taking on water and eventually capsized next to the pier.

Photos and video of the scene shows cattle scrambling up the side of the vessel and others swimming in the water around it.

The beef producer Minerva SA is now saying thousands of cattle are thought to have perished in the incident, according to a Reuters report. The producer said that responsibility lies with the shipping agents, Williams Shipping Agents, the report…

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