The release of a video showing gruesome animal welfare practices at a halal slaughterhouse in the U.K. has led to the firing of four slaughterhouse employees — and a slew of questions about the ethics of no-stun slaughter.

Warning: Contains graphic content

The hidden camera footage, taken by the group Animal Aid at a facility called Bowood Lamb, in North Yorkshire, England, shows workers kicking, standing on and pinning down sheep as they prepare them for slaughter.

While U.K. law usually requires that livestock be stunned before slaughter, there’s an exemption for halal meat, or meat from animals slaughtered in the Muslim tradition. The law does require that animals do not see the knife before they are killed, and that they are killed quickly and with one sharp knife slash to the throat. In the video, sheep are cut several times over their throats before they eventually die.

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