5 day-old baby seal stuck in mud, rescued by cows in England


  • 5 day-old baby seal stuck in mud © Natureland Seal Sanctuary
    A baby seal was stuck in the mud in a natural reserve in England. Being underweight, dehydrated and left without a mom, the animal was sure to die, but she was miraculously rescued by cows who apparently became interested in the furry ball.

    The rescue ‘mission’ took place in RSPB Frampton Marsh, a natural reserve in Lincolnshire, England. A local bird watcher, Ian Ellis, noticed a herd of about 30 cows surrounding something near a muddy puddle.

    “When he looked through his telescope he saw that they were surrounding a tiny seal pup [stuck in] a creek,” said a Facebook post from Natureland Seal Sanctuary, an animal attraction center…

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Published by: curi56

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