The ‘new reality’ for meat lovers: steak sticker shock

i don´t feel sorry about ….

Global News

Consumers have been confronting steak „sticker shock“ since at least the beginning of last summer as ever-higher beef prices have become a fixture at the supermarket.

Get used it. Executives at Empire Co. Ltd said Thursday the “new reality” for meat prices is one where skewers, kebobs, steaks and roasts are simply more expensive. Empire, the second-biggest grocery store operator in Canada, owns Sobeys and Canada Safeway among other grocery store banners.

The average retail price for a sirloin steak was 23.4 per cent higher in May than a year earlier, according to Statistics Canada.

“Canadians’ love affair with our favourite red protein is definitely being challenged these days,” Sylvain Charlebois, a professor at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute, said.

Consumer changes

Beef retail prices have risen more than 40 per cent since the beginning of 2013, Charlebois said, as drought and persistent supply issues have inflamed prices across North…

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