Is Your Pizza Topped with Horrific Animal Cruelty? A new Mercy For Animals Undercover Investigation Reveals Shocking Animal Abuse

Is your pizza topped with horrific animal cruelty? A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking animal abuse at a milk producer for Leprino Foods – the world’s largest mozzarella cheese maker and major cheese supplier to Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s.


This investigation documented the following horrific abuses:

Workers viciously kicking and punching cows, and stabbing them with screwdrivers, causing bloody wounds and injuries

Cows being violently whipped in their faces and bodies with chains and metal wires

Workers maliciously shocking sick and injured cows and dragging them with tractors

Sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, infections, and injuries left to suffer without proper veterinary care:


Tell World’s Largest Pizza Cheese Supplier to Stop Abusing Cows

Dear Leprino Foods:

I just watched hidden-camera footage of horrific animal abuse at one of your dairy supplier farms. What I saw made me sick to my stomach: cows being viciously beaten, whipped with chains, and stabbed with screwdrivers, injured cows left to suffer without proper veterinary care, and workers dragging and painfully shocking „downer“ cows who were too weak to even stand up on their own.

This must be stopped.

I will not be eating at Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s or anywhere else Leprino supplies cheese until your company does the right thing by implementing desperately needed animal welfare standards and enforcement oversight.

It’s time for Leprino Foods to adopt meaningful animal welfare policies for all of its dairy suppliers, including:

– Zero tolerance for animal abuse

– Video monitoring systems streamed live onto the Internet to help prevent abuse

– Requirement that suppliers provide a clean and sanitary environment for cattle

– Proper care of sick, injured, and downed animals

– Elimination of mutilations without painkillers, including dehorning and tail docking, a cruel and outdated practice that involves cutting through the skin, nerves, and bones of cows

Please take immediate action to end egregious animal abuse at your supplier farms.




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