Farmageddon - The True Cost of Cheap Meat

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You are paying for this. Let's stop our taxes funding factory farming.

Dear Annamaria, |CURI56 BLOG|

There’s a problem with our banks. They’re using our money to bankroll factory farms.

Last week, I emailed to tell you about one of the banks we’ve been keeping tabs on. It’s called the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and you own a part of it through the taxes you pay.

But you wouldn’t like what it’s doing. Although the bank claims to only invest in projects that are ‘environmentally and socially sustainable’, we’ve shown that it’s doing the opposite of that; it’s funding factory farming.

Last week, I asked you to send a message to the EBRD at their annual general meeting. Thousands of us took action to tell the EBRD to stop funding factory farming. The EBRD has recently announced that future farming projects will adopt EU animal welfare standards. It’s a step in the right direction, but it still allows animal suffering; it still wastes vital resources; it still threatens our health and wellbeing; and it still trashes our environment.

The EBRD must stop funding factory farming, and I need your help again to make this happen – join me in signing our petition to the EBRD’s Board of Governors. They hold the power to stop this madness.

Our Investigations Team recently travelled to Turkey to see a factory farm that the EBRD has funded to the tune of up to 30 million euros. We documented the brutal handling of chickens, polluted rivers and dangerous conditions for the workers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we also spoke with communities in the Ukraine, where the EBRD has bankrolled more factory farms, and found the same kind of stories again and again.

It’s all part of the wealth of evidence that cruel, crazy factory farming cannot feed the world. It’s screwing animals, people and the planet. We need to take action to stop this.

Last week, the EBRD got their first message that taxpayers will not stand by while they bank on brutality. Now I need your help again – join me by signing our petition to put pressure on those who can choose whether or not your money is spent on factory farming.

Sign the petition

Standing with you, against those banking on brutality.

Jonty Whittleton

Jonty Whittleton
Compassion in World Farming

Jonty Whittleton

PS Please don’t ignore this email if you don’t pay income tax. Chances are you pay tax to your government in all sorts of ways – even on the food you buy! Your money is funding factory farming. Please join us in calling for this to stop.

PPS You may have noticed that we’ve changed the name of our movement for animals, people and the planet from Raw to Farmageddon. Given the success of our recent book, Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat, we took the decision to re-name the campaign in support of this.


Published by: curi56

Fighting for justice means fighting for justice for all of us and not playing around with the colour of skin. Focus on justice. i am a scientist for educ./psychoanalysis/art - and frankly speaking a savant - discovered that I can do more with blogs & social networks for humans in shadow, children in shadow, animals in need et al - I have some more blogs, please, visit them p.e.: Curi56blog et al. I am glad to meet YOU here: Annamaria thank you Annamaria

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