GUILTY! Two Workers at DiGiorno Cheese Supplier Convicted of Animal Cruelty

April 22, 2014

GUILTY! Two Workers at DiGiorno Cheese Supplier Convicted of Animal Cruelty

WBF Cow Lift 02.pngAfter being caught on hidden camera beating, kicking and stabbing cows, Abelardo Jaimes and Lucia Martinez pled no contest to a total of 3 counts of animal cruelty today in Brown County Circuit Court. Their convictions come after an undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at Wiese Brothers Farms in Greenleaf, Wisconsin, documented Jaimes and Martinez viciously kicking, whipping, beating and stabbing cows in the face and body.Following the release of Mercy For Animals‘ graphic footage, two other Wiese Brothers Farms workers were also charged with multiple counts of criminal animal cruelty. Their cases are still pending.Watch the shocking undercover video here:

Mercy For Animals praises the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office for taking swift and decisive action in pursuing justice for these abused and exploited animals.

At the time…

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Published by: curi56

Fighting for justice means fighting for justice for all of us and not playing around with the colour of skin. Focus on justice. i am a scientist for educ./psychoanalysis/art - and frankly speaking a savant - discovered that I can do more with blogs & social networks for humans in shadow, children in shadow, animals in need et al - I have some more blogs, please, visit them p.e.: Curi56blog et al. I am glad to meet YOU here: Annamaria thank you Annamaria

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