Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. „Pooh!“ he whispered…


Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. „Pooh!“ he whispered.
„Yes, Piglet?“  „Nothing,“ said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw.
„I just wanted to be sure of you.“

-A.A. Milne

–                                    annamariabuchautoren-2 

(Titlephoto of my book: Schwein gehabt – it´s me with my Hungarian Komondor Baldúr)

Hintergründe zum Brand einer Schweinefabrik in Balterswil /TG

Hintergründe zum Brand einer Schweinefabrik in Balterswil /TG

von Erwin Kessler, Präsident VgT

In Balterswil brannte eine Schweinefabrik, so berichteten gestern die Medien. 30 Schweine verbrannten:

Bild: Olaf Kühne, Tagblatt

Die Tiere hatten keine Chance zu fliehen, waren in ihren engen Gefängniszellen und Käfigen den Flammen wehrlos ausgeliefert. Ihr Besitzer wohnt in einem anderen Kanton, in Kirchgeberg/SG. Wenn die Tiere nicht gerade gefüttert werden, sind sich selber überlassen, so auch bei einem Brand.

Hundert Meter neben dieser Schweinefabrik in Balterswil hat es eine zweistöckige Hühnerfabrik. Der Betreiber – ein Eierhändler, keine Bauer – wohnt ganz woanders..

In der Ostschweiz gibt es solche Tierfabriken wie Sand am Meer. Trotzdem behauptet der  „Schweizer Tierschutz STS“, der im bezahlten Auftrag von Coop Fleischwerbung macht, in der Schweiz gebe es keine Tierfabriken, die Nutztierhaltung in der Schweiz sei „bäuerlich“. Die Realität sieht ganz anders aus, wie dieser Stallbrand wieder einmal illustriert…



Farms Not Factories

Christmas Comes Early For Local Campaigners As Ministry of Justice Opposes Foston Factory Pig Farm

Posted on November 28, 2013 by Max

'Wire' Actor Dominic West supports campaign against proposed hug

In what is expected to be a significant development in the long-running battle between Midland Pig Producers (MPP) and local Foston Community Forum campaigners over a proposed 25,000 unit intensive pig facility in Foston, the Ministry of Justice has written to Derbyshire County Council to oppose granting planning permission.

The Ministry cited ‘operational traffic, odour, noise, impact on the listed Foston Hall [and] operational implications for emergency procedures’ amongst other issues as reasons for concern, noting that:

“The Secretary of State is responsible for the safe operation of prison property, as well as those who are accommodated in or are users of its property.”

The Ministry of Justice had previously refused to take a position regarding the proposal, despite HMP Foston being situated adjacent to the proposed site, while it conducted a national female prison estate review.

As part of the plans developed from the review, HMP Foston will be expanded and refurbished to accommodate the planned closure of female prisons in Yorkshire and Kent. This will include the establishment of a specialist unit for particularly vulnerable women, due to open imminently. The majority of the investment will come from health services, as the facility is repurposed as a ‘resettlement’ prison.

A source close to the prison was pessimistic about the prospects for MPP (owned by the Leavesley Group) and the pig farm proposal, saying,

“The planned size of this farm in such close proximity to a large community of often very vulnerable women with complex health issues cannot now in any way be ignored. I do not see how the Derbyshire County Council can fail to recognise the feelings of the Ministry of Justice, local residents and campaigners in their final decision.”

Jim Davies, spokesman for the Foston Community Forum, was buoyant, saying,

“We are incredibly pleased that the Ministry of Justice has taken on board the concerns we have been raising for four years now. A facility of this size and nature is an industrial site. We have no reason to believe it will not release harmful emissions and create an environment for prisoners, prison staff and local residents conducive to stress and stress-related disorders.

Clearly it is not appropriate for it be located within 100m of anyone – but particularly not vulnerable female prisoners, who would be unable to move away. Derbyshire County Council must recognise what we all know to be unacceptable and deny planning permission.”

Foston Community Forum has been campaigning against the proposed pig farm on the basis of health fears, traffic volume, odour, degraded quality of life and the undermining of smaller scale farms regionally and nationally. Over 30,000 people have signed a national petition against the plans, opposing the application on environmental, public health and animal welfare grounds.

A date for the final Derbyshire County Council planning meeting will not be set before the Environment Agency has decided if it will grant environmental permits for the operation8. Members of the public are able to comment on the application through Derbyshire County Council’s website.

Smiling piglet

The Border Collie and His Pot-Bellied Piglets

The                                                           Border Collie                                                           and His                                                           Vietnamese                                                           Pot-Bellied                                                           Piglets
In 1997, four piglets were dropped off at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in the U.K., after being rejected by their mother. The official greeter for the veterinary hospital, a border collie named Mac, saw the piglets and immediately began to lick and cuddle the bunch.

De gustibus…But this is a only a horror-picture…

Fotografía de una carnicería en donde promueven sus productos en época decembrina de una manera cruel.
es un concurso de vitrinas en Barcelona España. — mit Gra Bastos Goux.

Foto: Fotografía de una carnicería en donde promueven sus productos en época decembrina de una manera cruel.

es un concurso de vitrinas en Barcelona España.

This Slaughterhouse has to be shut down!

GRAPHIC VIDEO: We Must Shut This Slaughterhouse Down: Please Send Email

December 13, 2013

“Dear God…this is no slaughterhouse; its a torture chamber. NO animal should be treated like an inanimate object, incapable of any feelings. Having to watch their fellow beings being slaughtered right in front of them is despicable & in total contradiction of updated slaughterhouse rules. Animals feel pain & fear just as we do, if a slaughterhouse like this was found to be operating in England etc. it would be shut down immediately! So please send the email at the link below; these animals need our help, our voices NOW!” 

Animals from all over the world end up in Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, Karantina. Sheep and cattle are exported live from countries in the European Union such as France, the Czech Republic and Spain (where they have legal protection), and end up here. Our Investigations Unit visited Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, and what they found was unimaginable.

Please email the Lebanese Agriculture Minister. Help get this hellish place shut down.

Our investigators are still trying to come to terms with what they’they’ve seen.Below is an investigator’s account of their visit. Please be warned; what you are about to read is distressing.

The slaughterhouse is chaos. Everything is coated in a layer of blood, faeces and body parts. The slaughter area is heaving with people, live animals and slaughtered bodies. The sounds and smells are overwhelming.

Men grab defenceless sheep by the fleece or back leg. They fall to their knees and are forcefully dragged, one by one, to the slaughter line. Cattle are dragged by ropes around their necks. When they try to resist restraint they are yelled at and beaten viciously with metal rods. The animals are visibly terrified and in their frantic attempts to escape they slip, trip and fall, slamming their heads into the concrete floor.

Groups of sheep are forced to jump over dead bodies and wide gutters full of blood. They desperately try to force their way away from the bodies of other sheep they have just watched being slaughtered. Cows are left suspended fully-conscious by one leg for long periods of time, their faces resting in pools of other animals’ blood. They watch animals being slaughtered all around them. I wonder if they realize it will soon be their turn?

Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

Compassion Investigates: Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, Karantina

Published on 5 Dec 2013

Please be warned, scenes in this video are distressing.

Animals from all over the world end up in Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, Karantina. Sheep and cattle are exported live from countries in the European Union such as France, the Czech Republic and Spain (where they have legal protection), and end up here. Our Investigations Unit visited Beirut Public Slaughterhouse, and what they found was unimaginable.

Compassion in World Farming have lodged formal complaints and made demands to see Beirut Public Slaughterhouse in Karantina shut down until it can be totally refurbished and staff can be properly trained in compliance with OIE slaughter recommendations. Now we need you to help us fight this battle for the animals.

Take action:-

Every day Beirut Public Slaughterhouse is open and operating animals are suffering unimaginably. This place should not be allowed to operate while it flouts international recommendations on slaughter. We believe thousands of EU animals pass through Beirut Public Slaughterhouse every year. Please send an email today to the Lebanese Agriculture Minister and call for an immediate shut-down.

News Post & Email Link:http://action.ciwf.org.uk/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=119&ea.campaign.id=24200&ea.tracking.id=966ff3f3&utm_campaign=transport&utm_source=videoinfo&utm_medium=youtube


GRAPHIC VIDEO: We Must Shut This Slaughterhouse Down: Please Send Email http://wp.me/p1peve-4Jz


Animals facing slaughter in Beirut Public Slaughterhouse need our help.Please forward Jules@preciousjules2 on Twitter