„The Ghosts in Our Machine“ Movie Review A Film by Liz Marshall


„Leaving is always the hardest thing. Leaving is the reason I am haunted.“  – Jo-Anne McArthur

The Ghosts in Our Machine – Movie Review A film by Liz Marshall


You have seen Jo-Anne McArthur’s classic photographs without having known her name. Fur farms. Puppy mills. Slaughterhouses. Experimental research labs. Animal sanctuaries.

Her pictures always record the spirit and beauty of the animal. Her photos rarely record the actual horrors. In her words:

„I photograph the predicaments that animals are in.“

She does not rescue animals, although she is tempted to. She records their lives as they are used by men. She captures their eyes for people to see what we do to them.

We see Jo-Anne prepare for a pre-dawn raid of a mink farm where 100,000 anim als are kept captive. Our adrenal glands pump epinephrine along with hers as she works quickly, snapping photographs, recording footage for…

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