„My Life as a Turkey“: Video


After a local farmer left a bowl of eggs on Joe Hutto’s front porch, his life was forever changed. Hutto, possessing a broad background in the natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals, incubated the eggs and waited for them to hatch. As the chicks emerged from their shells, they locked eyes with an unusual but dedicated mother:


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Cockentrice: The MostDeliciously Terrifying Thanksgiving Meal EVER


Robert Hoare

The Most Deliciously Terrifying Thanksgiving Meal EVER

IT’S ALIVE! No, just kidding, it’s very much dead.

But we’re not entirely sure that this half pig, half turkey hasn’t been engineered to come back to life to make the world pay for its meat-eating sins. Doesn’t it look delicious, though?


Richard Fitch, the project coordinator for the Historic Kitchens at Hampton Palace in the U.K., first posted the photo to his Twitter.

The mad scientist and renowned cook also created this monstrosity, sewing the front half of a pig and the bottom half of a turkey together. But believe it or not, Fitch wasn’t just trying to haunt our dreams or play God. The Atlantic reports that the — we’ll call it a „creature“ — is actually a cockentrice (or cockentryce), a recipe that dates back to the 15th-century.

Fitch, who refers to himself as an experimental historian, told The Atlantic he enjoys making recipes from the past.

But there’s more to this yummy abomination than just a needle and thread. For the full recipe, check out Gode Cookery.

As an added bonus, here’s what Fitch did with the other halves.


Despite both creatures most likely calling the underworld their home, they’re kinda cute. We wonder if they were friends.

Happy Thanksgiving! Dig in.

Today = the day to give thanks that you were not born a Butterball turkey



„You pray in your distress and in your need;
would that you might pray also in the fullness
of your joy and in your days of abundance.“
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Today is the day to give thanks that you were
not born a Butterball turkey.

*     *     *

Prayer for the Butterballs:


*     *     *

See: Undercover Video:


*     *     *

„Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small
Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.“
– A.A. Milne

*     *     *

Robert Cohen

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ORF bringt einen super Beitrag: Schweinehaltung in Oesterreich wird thematisiert! Ein mutiger Beitrag!

Formular: http://digital.orf.at/show_content2.php?s2id=1170
e-mail: heutekonkret@orf.at

Der ORF hat einen super Beitrag gebracht, in dem die              Schweinehaltung thematisiert wird.
Bitte ansehen und an den ORF schreiben, was du vom Beitrag              hältst bzw. wie du die Problematik siehst! Es kommt wie              immer nicht auf die Länge des Geschriebenen an, sondern              DASS es viele positive Zuschriften gibt!
Es ist geplant, dass es einen weiteren, einen längeren              Beitrag gibt. Jedes positive mail mehr hilft mit, die              Berichterstattung zu intensivieren! 🙂

              Beitrag: http://tvthek.orf.at/program/heute-konkret/4660549/heute-konkret/7175794


In der Südsteiermark machen die Menschen gegen die immer              mehr werdenden Schweinetierfabriken mobil. Engagierte              Bürger wehren sich gegen den immensen Gestank in ihren              Dörfern, Tierschutz-Organisationen gegen die              Haltungsbedingungen für die Tiere, und der zuständige              Obmann des steirischen Tiergesundheitsdienstes wehrt sich              gegen die Vorwürfe der Tierschützer.“

Formular: http://digital.orf.at/show_content2.php?s2id=1170
e-mail: heutekonkret@orf.at

In Texas, Inmates and Officers Swelter- The State´s Prison System finalized …

IN August, right around the time when the Texas summer heat was at its brutal worst, the state’s prison system finalized a bid to replace its aging swine-production facilities with six new climate-controlled modular barns, at a cost of $750,000.


Op-Ed Contributor

In Texas, Inmates and Officers Swelter


HUNTSVILLE, Tex. — IN August, right around the time when the Texas summer heat was at its brutal worst, the state’s prison system finalized a bid to replace its aging swine-production facilities with six new climate-controlled modular barns, at a cost of $750,000.       

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The pigs raised for inmate consumption were going to get relief from the heat, but the state’s inmates would continue to suffer. In the last six years, at least 14 inmates died from heat stroke or hyperthermia in overheated Texas prisons, where air-conditioning is scarce and temperatures can reach 130 degrees….

Read more, please:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/22/opinion/in-texas-inmates-and-officers-swelter.html?_r=1&

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Horrific Animal Cruelty Video Prompts Tyson Foods to Cancel Contract

Pigs … image_1_5693Meat stops a beating heart

Horrific Animal Cruelty Video Prompts Tyson Foods to Cancel Contract

Joe Wright

Activist Post

While lawmakers in many states rush to outlaw undercover farm videos showing animal cruelty, and prosecute the activists or whistleblowers who bring them forth, one video from Oklahoma made it through. As you will see detailed below, the video shows workers of West Coast Farms kicking, throwing, gouging the eyes of pigs . . . and worse.

The video has prompted mega industrial farming company, Tyson Foods, Inc., to take action and cancel their contract. This is exactly the reason why so-called „Ag-Gag“ bills must be opposed. If one isn’t concerned about the welfare of the animals, then one still should be concerned about the health violations that easily could go on undetected if left completely in the dark. Rather than pretend such atrocities don’t exist, one Duke professor suggested just the opposite approach: Purdy acknowledges that fairness and safety are real issues. “So is transparency,” he writes, “and that is why we should require confined-feeding operations and slaughterhouses to install webcams at key stages of their operations. List the URLs to the video on the packaging. There would be no need for human intrusion into dangerous sites.

No tricky angles or scary edits by activists. Just the visual facts. If the operators felt their work misrepresented, they could add cameras to give an even fuller picture.” (source) After all, this isn’t the first time that Tyson Foods and its associates have come under fire. This undercover video from 2007 showed the torture of birds destined for KFC. Beyond that, it showed workers urinating on the conveyor belt as birds were headed on for processing.

And this is, of course, beyond what is considered by many to already be hellish conditions imposed upon factory animals subjected to lives inside the walls, crates and cages of Tyson’s many farms. This new video is yet one more piece of evidence that demonstrates why transparency is so vital for animal welfare, and why we have a right to know what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms that can impact our health. Until factory farms are willing to police themselves and properly investigate their operations, then animal rights activists and insiders should not be prosecuted for documenting these obvious crimes. The full video transcript is posted below with additional research links:

By Briana Altergott Tyson Foods has terminated its contract with an Oklahoma pig farm after video was released of workers abusing the animals. We want to warn you, the images are disturbing. The video, released by animal rights group Mercy For Animals, mostly consists of West Coast Farms employees kicking, hitting and throwing pigs. The more graphic sections show them gouging pigs‘ eyes, slamming baby pigs into concrete, and one worker even throws a bowling ball at an animal’s head.

NBC, which had obtained the video, showed it to Tyson Foods, and the company immediately cut ties with the farm. A spokesperson for Tyson said: „We’re extremely disappointed by the mistreatment shown in the video and will not tolerate this kind of animal mishandling. … [We] will take possession of the animals remaining on the farm.“

(Via NBC) The owner of West Coast Farms told the outlet he’s already fired the workers seen in the video. (Via KNWA) But that might not be enough. Mercy For Animals has called for criminal charges to be filed against the farm.

Animal welfare advocate Temple Grandin compared this incident to the infamous Westland/Hallmark abuse. That case forced the largest meat recall in U.S. history and a $500 million settlement.


Please, note: I wrote my book about Pigs in Cafos and the cultural Background of violence – but, sorry, on in German language available. But I published a lot of Videos like this mentioned … and excuse me, much more violent – nobody can imagine which cruelties are done on animals in CAFOs… Please, click on the link to my e-book „Schwein gehabt?“ …. Thank You. Because: IT IS WORST AS YOU EVER THAUGHT!

Schwein gehabt? – Gewalt auf unseren Tellern (Kindle  Edition) http://www.amazon.de/dp/B00BBDUBMC/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb#_

On each day of October 2013 an average of 336.129 pigs were slaughtered – 4 per second)

Brutality to animals is cruelty to mankind – it is only the difference in the victim.“

– Alphonse de Lamartine, 1847

On November 21, 2013, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released these data.

On each day of October, 2013, an average of: 336,129 pigs were slaughtered (4 per second)

93,548 cows were slaughtered (1 per second)

6,712 sheep were slaughtered (one every 12 seconds)

2,241 calves were slaughtered (one every 30 seconds)

TOTAL: This averages out to 307 brutal killings for every minute of every hour of every day

during October of 2013.

Imagine three things.

1) The never-ending assembly line

s 2) Each animal dies by partial beheading with a sharp knife while still alive

3) The volume of blood

„I like children they are tasty .“ –

Albert Fish Final words before his January 16, 1936 execution.

Fish was a serial killer who was believed to have consumed children in every state.

He was also known as The Brooklyn Vampire, the Werewolf of Wysteria the Moon Maniac,

and the Boogeyman.

Robert Cohen http://www.notmilk.com   cover1schweingehabt My book with a huge number of informations:

Schwein gehabt? – Gewalt auf unseren Tellern (Kindle  Edition) http://www.amazon.de/dp/B00BBDUBMC/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb#_