Pigs are suffering … Dogs are suffering: HEAT

cetfa_heatstress-did-you-knowphoto: Cetfa, ca.





Sentient Beings

PigSentient Beings.

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Pigs are sentient beings; they are more similar to human beings than most people think. As described by Animal Cruelty Facts.org, pigs are highly intelligent, keeping their early relationships into adulthood, able to remember up to 30 different individuals, and experience feelings. As described by Dr. Olivier Berreville (PhD. Biology), Scientific Advisor to Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA), „In laboratory settings, some pigs learned to play videogames as well as chimpanzees, and often learned faster.“ Pigs, like people, experience excitement, contentment, distress, hunger, boredom. They also experience pain, fear, and frustration, feelings stemming from their confinement as farmed pigs … read more…



Action alert: help end the confinement of sows in gestation stalls!

Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals

Canada’s Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs has been updated and released for public consultation. Although the codes of practice are voluntary, they have the potential to set the legal standard.

The draft code requires a phase-out of gestation crates—cages barely larger than the sow’s own body in which the animals spend their entire lives, unable to even turn around. However, 11 years is proposed for the phase-out, with a final target date of 2024. CETFA has been campaigning for a phase out date of 2017 (see our blog post for the reasons why: „Sow stall phase out: is 2022 good enough?„).

The draft code also includes a loophole allowing the pork industry to continue confining sows inside gestation crates for five weeks at a time—adding up to more than nine months of confinement during the sows‘ four-year lives—even after the 2024 phase-out date. If gestation…

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Pigs & Metakognition

Computer-Savvy Piggies

Considered to be about as intelligent as the average three-year-old human, pigs are misunderstood smarties. A famous study in the 1990s showed pigs could be trained to move a cursor on a screen with their snouts and then distinguish between scribbles that they drew and those that were new. They develop routines quickly, lead social lives, and learn from watching each other. Not to mention they are one of the cleanest domestic animals. Despite their dirty reputation, pigs refuse to go to bathroom near their living or eating areas when given a choice, which is more than we can say for our beloved canines.


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As I wrote my book about pigs in CAFOs (and the cultural Frame around this), I reached 600 pages! And:  I could have write more, so interesting is the pig! So sorry, had to remove a whole chapter because we couldn´t print so many pages with so many photos. Now there remained „only“ 555 pages!

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Martin Compart

DCk9c[1]Das war es also mit dem Schweineschnitzel. Nach der Lektüre von Annamaria Grabowskis erhellendem Buch wird man kein anoymes Schnitzel als entfremdeten Gegenstand auf dem Teller ansehen.

Die Autorin sagt: „Ich habe mich den Tieren in der Massentierhaltung, hier besonders den Schweinen, zugewandt.Ich bin der Frage, was uns Menschen bewegt, Tiere in Massentierhaltung, Massentiertransporten, Massenschlachtanlagen zu bringen, nachgegangen.Enstanden ist dieses Buch, das auch eine Kulturgeschichte des Fleisches, des Fleischgenusses, aber auch der Gewalt ist. Vorgestellt wird auch die Situation derer, die in Schlachthöfen, auf Tiertransporten und Auktionshäusern für Farmtiere arbeiten;die Frage wird gestellt, welche Auswirkungen ihre Tätigkeit auf ihre Umwelt, die nähere und weitere, haben könnte, wleche Folgen chronische Gewalt an Tieren bei Tier und Mensch auslöst. Wissenschaftler werden zitiert, die nach intensicen Forschungsarbeiten davon überzeugt sind, dass Schweine intelligente, aufgeweckte und soziale Tiere sind. Es wird berichtet von Hamlet und Omelette, zwei Schweinen, die Videospiele lieben, von Lulu, die…

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