Heartwarming Rescue of Piglet

http://youtu.be/EP0r3g7kVVc Video
http://www.mfablog.org/2013/04/new-mfa-video-captures-heartwarming-rescue-of-Cute pigpiglet.html 

April 3, 2013

New MFA Video Captures Heartwarming Rescue of Piglet

By Nora Kramer

Billions of animals suffer on factory farms every year, yet most of us rarely get to connect with farmed animals as individuals, each with a unique personality and the desire to enjoy life doing things that come naturally to their species.

Recently, MFA had a special opportunity to help in the rescue of a very lucky piglet named Lucy, who was found running through the streets of Riverside, California. After a kind person rescued her from a local animal shelter and provided a temporary home for her, we jumped at the chance to help this piglet by bringing her to Animal Place, a wonderful farmed animal sanctuary in northern California.

We decided to make a short video of our rescue efforts to remind people that this piglet, Lucy, is no different than the animals that end up on people’s dinner tables. In fact, she is no different than the dogs and cats people love. Take a look!


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