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Horse butcher's shop in 1870, during the German siege of Paris

When, in 1870-71, German troops besieged Paris, horse meat was the only meat available in the city (after elephants had been killed).

From the Alpha Galileo site:

Horsemeat Food Scandal Has History

19 February 2013 Taylor & Francis

Publication title: Horsemeat as Human Food in France
Author: Daniel Gade
Publication type: Other

Recently, headlines have been focused on stories of horsemeat being found in supermarket meat products world-wide. Numerous reports have been filed including a recall on Findus beef lasagna products, which are distributed to the main UK supermarkets. With all of this commotion, one may question the root of this epidemic and seek knowledge in the use of horsemeat as human food.

History of this rising issue appears in Ecology of Food and Nutrition (Volume 5, Issue 1, published by Taylor & Francis). In this article, titled Horsemeat as Human Food in France, Daniel…

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