Children & Farmers Looked on in Horror as four Men Slaughtered a Pig Geelong Saleyards

Catalan pet pig
Catalan pet pig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children watch in horror as pig cut to pieces

Alex Johnson   |  April 19th, 2011

CHILDREN and farmers looked on in horror as four men slaughtered a pig at the Geelong saleyards just moments after buying it, witnesses say.

The City of Greater Geelong has investigated the incident, which left onlookers Jarrod Blackman and Ryan Christopher, of Inverleigh, feeling sick.

Mr Blackman and Mr Christopher, who have a pet pig called Harvey, were at the monthly livestock market on Monday along with scores of young children on school holidays when the gruesome incident unfolded about 10.30am.

„One (man) was dragging it by its ears and the other one was pulling it by its hind legs and it was screaming for dear life,“ Mr Blackman, 21, said. „There was three of the men trying to hold it down and I could see it trying to struggle. At first, it looked like they were just binding it’s mouth because it wouldn’t shut up but as we got closer we could see blood all over their hands and them starting to cut it up.“

„It was squealing but the squealing went down slowly as it was dying.“

The pair eventually had to look away but they believed the men were cutting the animal up to share amongst themselves.

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Your Say

„Dusty of Corio Posted at 09:13pm Thursday 21st AprilIt’s the food chain, perfectly natural.Dude You have no Idea of what natural is u self minded pig I’m a farmer and I would never do that infront of children In a car park u beef to grow up buddy „
Farmer Dan

„It’s (the market) a family event, especially during the school holidays, there were kids everywhere,“ Mr Blackman said.

Greg Boland, from the RSPCA’s animal cruelty unit, said he was unaware of the incident but if it did take place as described the men would most likely have committed an offence under the Meat Act, by slaughtering an animal in a residential environment.

„It’s outrageous to do that in a car park,“ he said. „If there’s kids around it’s totally unacceptable for that to take place in that sort of forum.“

He urged any witnesses to the incident to contact the RSPCA.

A Geelong City Council saleyards manager was unable to verify the incident after meeting with Mr Blackman yesterday.

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