Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA)

Justice was a domestic pig born in a massive sow operation to a mother trapped within a steel and concrete „gestation crate“ (actual barn pictured below).

After just 2-3 weeks with his mother, Justice was moved to a grow-out facility (pictured below).  There he lived in an overcrowded, filthy shed infested with mice and flies until CETFA investigators discovered him.

What follows is the account of the 2 CETFA investigators who found and rescued Justice – Sue Manns and Nicole Joncas.

On a routine visit of what became a 7 month investigation at a large Ontario pig operation, I discovered a pig who was lying down and seemed unable to rise.  He appeared thin and his left-side rear and front legs had what appeared to be extremely large abscesses on them.  It was clear he was in severe pain and urgently needed help.

I quickly returned with Nicole Joncas, founder…

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