Illustration of medieval pig stunning, from Th...
Illustration of medieval pig stunning, from The Medieval Cookbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please, note:

I wrote a book about Pigs in CAFOs, but I wrote a book about violence and hidden tortures done unto farm-animals. But never forget: What we do unto the weakest that we do unto ourselves.


Please, read this article  with utmost seriousity: Thank You


[Testimony] VISIT to the SLAUGHTER Maybe for lack of courage, cowardice or excessive weakness, I never looked at my own free will a movie where you see animals during the slaughter. I’ve never heard it. I knew, for images seen or to descriptions of other, what happens in those factories of death, but I never wanted to watch what happens in there with my own eyes.


I always thought that I didn’t need to look at them, because I didn’t have to be sensitised on the subject: I decided to become a vegetarian and vegan then many years ago, without ever having seen anything about this, but knowing the truth.


And I, I never had the courage to watch, I was in a slaughter of pigs and cattle in one. I have seen and heard it all with my eyes and my ears, not sitting in front of a screen but there, standing before dozens of animals lined up ready to be doomed to end up in someone’s flat, in line to be killed by people who do work, every day.


Living beings like us, with their emotions, their feelings. There in a row, frightened and intended to be eaten by humans. I saw them and looked into his eyes, I saw and felt their fear and their terror, their misunderstanding to see their fellow stunned by electric shock or by a bullet, while waiting for a knife held by a human cuts their throats, putting an end to their captivity.


I am a student of veterinary medicine and for us there are tutorials and practical training courses in all areas of veterinary medicine, not only those related to the care of our so-called pets: these include the analysis and inspection of foodstuffs of animal origin. That’s why we have brought to the slaughterhouse: to attend stages of slaughter by stunning until complete disassembly of the animal and to teach us to pay a visit on certain inspection organs and parts of slaughtered animals, so as to rule out the presence of any pathologies or illegal treatments with drugs that can damage the health of consumers.


I decided not to go there, I didn’t have much choice but preferred to „work hard“ to pass this examination rather than witness the killing of innocent animals. Then I made courage and I decided to go and see firsthand what happens, to know and to be able to disseminate what I saw and heard.


In this slaughterhouse killed about 120 animals per hour … 700 per day and almost 120,000 per year.


The animals arriving at the slaughterhouse transported on trucks that I think everybody sooner or later be seen on the highway. Here are facts get off and wait in the „lairage“, where they can stay up to 24 hours. In these stables pets can only drink, don’t eat, because otherwise the stomach content could create hygienic problems then during slaughter.


These prisons are really close to the stunning and killing, and the animals can hear the noises and sounds of their comrades who were killed. I looked into my eyes and it was terrible to know that within a few minutes I was seeing those animals living there were literally dismantled to end up on the shelf of a supermarket.


One by one the pigs or cattle are driven by an operator, who often helps with a rod that emits electric shocks, in a hallway that leads them on a Board where they are then blocked by the barriers. Pigs are stunned by elettronarcotizzazione, i.e. they inflicted a strong electric shock in my head: the animal still alive, falls to the ground, close to what has just been killed before him and cut the big vessels of the neck to allow the blood to come out while still the heart is working, that the animal dies of exsanguination.


While this happens, the animal, though stunned, moves and is prey to seizures and what will then the same fate I can see and can feel his agony.


After death, the pigs are dipped in a VAT of scalding at 60 degrees, you need to remove the bristles (but not all arrive there already dead …). Subsequently, are hung and a flame is passed on their bodies for a few seconds to remove surface residues.


From here onwards I witnessed a veritable chain of disassembly where at the end of the BIOS that emotions and feelings did not remain that a cold, hard casing, ready to be processed and become ham, mortadella, sausage, bacon and whatnot.


However, cattle are stunned by a blow on the forehead with a captive bolt gun. I could see one of them, a calf approximately 1 year: he understood what was going to happen and tried in every way to avoid the gun that would have made a hole in the brain.


But for him there was nothing to do and fell to Earth in seconds, before the eyes of his companion waiting and under my eyes helplessly. At this point was hung for a paw and I watched it for the last time in his eyes now glazed over but still alive … and he’s been cut her throat.


I saw litres of blood out and flowing down while he finished his sad and short life. Like all others before and after him, he was skinned and hacked to pieces. His skin will end in tanneries to make jackets, shoes or leather sofas that adorn our houses, its meat will end up on your plate to someone at home or at a restaurant or some barbecue with friends.


While his head and most of its innards are thrown in the trash bins that are outside the establishment … so many crowded heads on top of each other, skinless, with eyes open and with the hole in the skull that led them away from the world.


I don’t want to make the vet to work in a slaughterhouse. I want to be a veterinarian who treats animals to save them, to make them feel good and to get them a nice, healthy life and that it is the longest possible.


I don’t want to treat the animals to become a breeder and the employees of his company. Unfortunately all this at the University and the professors who teach us the craft does not concern: the veterinarian is also and above all this and if you want to be part of this world you have to be practical exercises such as this and how many more, and you have to take exams that you teach farming techniques and methods for slaughtering animals, regardless of why you want to treat the animals.


All right. In order to do what you want in life one must always meet obstacles, big or small they are. This for me is a big obstacle, because nothing and nobody will ever erase from my memory what I saw and heard today and in these years of study.


Will always remain in my recollection the sweet eyes and afraid of these unfortunate animals were born to serve and satisfy the tastes and fashions of a species based where I’m ashamed of being part. But since now these things are imprinted indelibly in me, I want to make good use of, in favour of animals who have died today, of those dead yesterday and in previous years and of those who will die tomorrow and in future years … hoping that one day it no longer exists.


I decided to share it with whoever reads my feelings, my suffering. And even more to convey to you what I have seen and heard, in the hope that even if only one of you open your eyes and make you aware of what happens every day in the world, with the belief that even a small drop of water which moves in the opposite direction can drag along other drops in a raging riverto reverse the course.


[Source: (Translated by Bing)



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