1300 Piglets Euthanized On Farm Because Of Abuse


1300 Piglets Euthanized On Farm Because Of Abuse


Once again innocent animals became the victims of abuse in the commercial farming industry when 1,300 piglets had to be euthanized on a farm in Canada. Hog farmers and authorities are blaming the drought in the U.S. and the high cost of feed for the tragedy.

The Manitoba government said the piglets were located after a call came in Friday about the mistreatment. The Chief Veterinarian was forced to immediately euthanize the piglets “to avoid further pain and suffering” after they were found “in severe distress.”

The hog industry warned that more animals could face the same fate because farmers are being forced to sell the animals for record low prices or try to feed them on record high prices for corn.

Doug Chorney, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers said, “… troubles in the pork industry mean weanlings are now essentially worthless.” Farmers are “depopulating” their barns of the young animals.

A full investigation into the disaster was initiated, but no charges under the Animal Care Act have been filed as of Tuesday afternoon.

While the government is not revealing the name of the farm or details about the type of abuse endured by the piglets, a local rendering company was identified as the entity that notified authorities. August 24 the company said a call came in from a farm that needed a pickup for 450 twenty-pound weanlings and 1,100 ten to fifteen-pound animals.

When the farmer would not disclose why so many piglets were dead or nearly dead, the company contacted the police.

Gary Stordy of the Canadian Pork Council said due to the dire circumstances in the industry they have started to encourage farmers to “seek help if they’re no longer able to support their herds.”

“They should reach out to their local SPCA or their local provincial hog board to review what can be done,” said Stordy. He also pointed out that being cruel to animals caught in the middle of this terrible situation is not an acceptable solution.

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Photo Credit: Alexhealing

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/1300-piglets-euthanized-on-farm-because-of-abuse.html#ixzz257WdiGuC


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