Polish town in shock as blood bubbles from drains und nun in POLEN: Blutblasen aus dem Kanal

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Polish town in shock as blood bubbles from drains

Matthew Day
Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:12 CST and Sottm@sott.net


Residents of Koscierzyna, a small Polish town, called in the police and ambulance service to investigate after blood began streaming out from under manhole covers.

After bubbling out through holes in the covers, the blood formed a river of red that flowed along a road in the Polish town forming large bloody puddles.

An investigation revealed that the blood had come from a meat processing plant and had seeped onto the streets because of a blocked drain.

„Police were called and we are investigating to find who is responsible for this,“ said Janusz Matrejek, a spokesman for the regional police headquarters.

Confronted with pools of blood on their streets locals reacted with horror.

„There are two schools on the street where a large amount of blood was flowing,“ wrote one angry resident on a news website. „The blood was also heading towards a local market. When you consider public health this situation is appalling.“

People also questioned as to how the blood had managed to leave the meat processing plant without any form of treatment, despite possible environmental risks.

A spokesman for the municipal authorities said the situation was now under control and that the blood had been removed from the streets.


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