Bulgaria: On 12th of December 2011 in the Allegro Night Club a Little Piglet was Tortured to Death


On the 12th of December 2011, in the Allegro night club in Gabrovo,
Bulgaria, a horrific blood orgy took place. A small Mexican piglet, was
smeared in oil and released amidst the raving drunken crowd to be caught
and killed for fun. Hundreds of people were present, but not a single
one of them protested or tried to save the poor animal. Instead they
pounced on him. What followed was a satanic display of savagery. They
broke the piglet’s ribs and smashed its fragile body. They kicked and
dragged the poor soul that was bleeding and screaming in agony and
shock. But that was not enough for the bloodthirsty mob. Two drunken
morons, identified as Iliq Malchev and Georgi Georgiev, both students at
the Technical University in Gabrovo, eventually caught the piglet, took
it to the bathroom and started smashing the piglet’s head against the
wall. Then they started stabbing its trembling body with an ice pick.
Then they took a knife and cut the piglet’s belly open while it was
still alive


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