Saving the Planet, One Meal at a Time

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Saving the Planet, One Meal at a Time   PLEASE; READ my blog: you´ll find informations aut CAFO –
By Chris HedgesNovember 10, 2014 “ICH” – “Truthdig“- My attitude toward becoming a vegan was similar to Augustine’s attitude toward becoming celibate—“God grant me abstinence, but not yet.” But with animal agriculture as the leading cause of species extinction, water pollution, ocean dead zones and habitat destruction2, and with the death spiral of the ecosystem ever more pronounced, becoming vegan is the most important and direct change we can immediately make to save the planet and its species. It is one that my wife—who was the engine behind our family’s shift—and I have made.

Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all worldwide transportation combined—cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes.3

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WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

WTO Says U.S. Consumers Don’t Need to Know Where Meat Comes From

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Multinational meatpackers say that labeling raises cost and that Americans do not need to know the origin of meat; World Trade Organization says labeling gi an unfair advantage to domestic meat. Shouldn’t Americans decide for themselves?…


Mehr. Schneller. Billiger. “Unser täglich Tier” ZDF 37 Grad

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37 Grad  | 21.10.2014  Unser täglich Tier

Mehr. Schneller. Billiger.

Heute laufen in einer einzigen Brüterei 300.000 Küken vom Band. Am Tag. Alles vollautomatisch. Maschinen brüten die Eier aus, Fließbänder transportieren die Küken, sortieren sie in Versandkisten. Es sind Hähnchen des Typs “Fleischansatz”. In nur gut vier Wochen liegen sie bereits auf einem Teller. Die meisten jedenfalls. Denn bis zu 20 Millionen Tiere pro Jahr überleben die kurze Mastzeit nicht.
Abrufvideo: Unser täglich Tier
Sehen Sie den Film in der Mediathek.


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Hidden-Camera Video Reveals the Horrors of Live Animal Transport




I wrote about all These cruelties& MUCH MORE in my book “schwein gehabt?”


Hidden-Camera Video Reveals the Horrors of Live Animal Transport

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Every year, millions of animals die excruciating deaths while being trucked thousands of kilometres across Canada through all weather extremes. A new undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals Canada shows pigs who have just survived a journey from hell being beaten, shocked, and mutilated without painkillers in full view of CFIA government inspectors. Take action at

Are the antibiotics we give animals creating bugs we can’t kill?

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FRONTLINEVerified account@frontlinepbs13h12 hours ago

Are the antibiotics we give animals creating bugs we can’t kill? 10/14 on .

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xTrue Naturex


And I cannot sit quiet
while these murders and tortures persist.
You will hear my voice ring out against the injustices.

For every innocent being who lost or never had a voice,
my strength of freedom can’t be ignored.


For the blood spilt of the innocent,
who lost their lives to the ignorant,
with malice of a laboratory worker.

For the billions senselessly murdered.
I am Vegan.

And for those who would bury their heads in the sand
rather than coming to terms with the violence they are
My message will grow that much more important.

I don’t preach for preaching is based on belief.
Mine’s a message of fact and truth,
by eating meat,dairy and eggs,
you are directly supporting murder.


So for the blood spilt of the innocent.
Who lost their lives to the ignorant,

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